Dec 07

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牙医看毕,价格猛低于预想价位,遂心中大喜,差价投入美国唱片工业。唱片陆续寄到,猛听美国音乐俱乐部(American Music Club)。同时猛下电影,积存几十本,还没来得及猛看。


Dec 07


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Caught Lev dancing barefoot at the doorway tonight. The last time I saw him was a few months back when we were both CS173 TAs. We used to have this huge empty office that people barely visit. Lev and I really liked it. He brought his coffee maker, workout kit, and a nice big beanbag to the office and called it home. He would work out and dance in office. A lot. And I was either grading someone else’s homework or doing my own, while he danced along behind my back. What a scene.

Came up to him and said hello. He showed me his new iPod, bitching about its price and how he got himself into it. He’s back to Israel in two days. “Have fun at home.” I said. Damn. As if it were not obvious enough. This guy’s having fun anytime anywhere.

“Sure, and you too…in the lab.” We both burst out laughing.

And I will.

I look out the glass wall on the third floor of Siebel Center. Christmas is sparkling on every snow covered lawn. For the first time in months did I feel the coming of winter.

Dec 07

The Amnesiac

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02/14/2008 Televise 【Secret Valentine】
02/18/2008 American Music Club 【The Golden Age】
04/01/2008 Sun Kil Moon 【April】

Neil Halstead给Mark Kozelek开场,在英国,没戏。Lambchop给Yo La Tengo开场,不来芝加哥,也没戏。只能紧密关注The Tiger Lillies和American Music Club的行踪。来芝加哥吧来芝加哥吧,音乐重镇哪。

Dec 07

The Audiophile

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好久没买唱片,蠢蠢欲动中。打算买入耳式耳塞,初步规划是Bose的,等我有了钱再买Shure。 买Shure!跟某人拼了。

Dec 07

The Future Artist

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1 Shure KSM-32 microphone
2 Shure KSM-44 microphone
3 Crown PZM microphone
4 Neumann SM-69 tube microphone 1414
5 Neumann TLM-170 microphone 1984, 1992
6 Neumann KM-84 microphone 13974, 13975, 13976, 13581
7 Neumann KM-88 microphone 11861, 11862
8 AKG C-460 microphone
9 Sennheiser MKH-20 microphone P481, P482
10 Sennheiser MKH-40 microphone 23061, 23062
11 Neumann M-250 microphone 564, 565, 566
12 Neumann M-249 microphone 367, 369, 216
13 Shure SM-58 microphone
14 Shure Beta-58 microphone
15 Electro Voice RE-15 microphone 730704, 779563
16 Electro Voice RE-20 microphone
17 Beyer M-88 microphone
18 Sennheiser MD-421 microphone
19 Sennheiser MD-441 microphone
20 AKG D-112 microphone
21 Alesis HD-24XR digital recorder 21A10503049000488
22 Ashley LX-308B line mixer
23 Avalon U5 Direct Box
24 Furman Headphone mixer HA-6
25 Rane HC6 Headphone mixer
26 Waves L2 ddigital limiter
27 Sony 7506 Headphones
28 Klark Teknik DN-360 graphic equalizer
29 SKB cases 2 space rack case
30 SKB cases 4 space rack case
31 Aphex Compellor
32 Valley People dyna-mite
33 Lexicon LXP-1
34 DBX 1066
35 Tektronix (2235) Oscilloscope
36 Mackie 1402 VLZ mixing console
37 Bose Noise cancelling headphones
38 Sony ECM-50 Lavalier microphone 779915
39 Audio Technica AT 8055 Lavalier microphone



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…the storm is finally over, the sky wild and exhausted. We went up to the observatory and the gods were with us. They gave us the most beautiful rainbow i've ever seen. I closed my eyes and cried.