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UIUC 的研究生工会准备罢工!今年跟学校的薪酬谈判一直僵持不下,然后校董事会翻脸宣布终止谈判。再然后GEO 投票决定11月16日开始罢工。GEO 成员还准备下礼拜四在校董会议召开之际去Springfield 游行示威一把。国外工会搞罢工,国内工会搞联欢,世界真奇妙。

我不是GEO 成员,但每年那点钱还是要指望GEO 跟学校讨价还价。所以本人从今年九月起就以旷工、旷讲座、逃学、迟到早退、磨洋工等各种灵活多变的形式提前支持了GEO 的罢工,现在仍滞留芝加哥吃喝玩乐,坚决不回办公室干活。可见我是一政治多么过硬、立场多么坚定的同志啊!

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    Only 25% percent of GEO members voted in total. I'm not sure this 25% is a fair representation of all of us. Plus, why striking at this particular moment, when lots of people are still jobless in this nation, and when many laid-off parents have high expectation for their kids to excel in college? In some schools, such as UIC, TAs have been working without any penny of salary for months; lots of places are in a much worse condition than us. I feel that our strike is similar to, if in an inappropriate analogy, Wall Street bankers protest that their big bonuses are not enough.

    A lot of things are more rewarding than money could give.

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