Dec 07


我念书, 这些人 | | Shout (1)

Caught Lev dancing barefoot at the doorway tonight. The last time I saw him was a few months back when we were both CS173 TAs. We used to have this huge empty office that people barely visit. Lev and I really liked it. He brought his coffee maker, workout kit, and a nice big beanbag to the office and called it home. He would work out and dance in office. A lot. And I was either grading someone else’s homework or doing my own, while he danced along behind my back. What a scene.

Came up to him and said hello. He showed me his new iPod, bitching about its price and how he got himself into it. He’s back to Israel in two days. “Have fun at home.” I said. Damn. As if it were not obvious enough. This guy’s having fun anytime anywhere.

“Sure, and you too…in the lab.” We both burst out laughing.

And I will.

I look out the glass wall on the third floor of Siebel Center. Christmas is sparkling on every snow covered lawn. For the first time in months did I feel the coming of winter.

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…the storm is finally over, the sky wild and exhausted. We went up to the observatory and the gods were with us. They gave us the most beautiful rainbow i've ever seen. I closed my eyes and cried.