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I Still Buy CDs (June, 2007)

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Artist Title Release Date Label UPC/EAN
Hood Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys 01/26/1998 Domino 5034202004226
Hood The Cycle of Days And Seasons 04/26/1999 Domino 5034202006121
Hood Compilations 1995 – 2002 03/03/2003 Misplaced Music 5024545231229
Hood Outside Closer 01/17/2005 Domino 80139000462

最近在不断地买唱片、听歌、和白热聊天的过程里慢慢确立了以 Hood 为中心的第三代天籁集团。Hood 多天籁啊,他们简直是忧郁王子,ambient 牛人,post rock 神童,glitch 新秀,indie 精灵,slowcore 大师。等等等等。其他人都洗洗睡吧,偶只听 Hood 了。但是买他们那些几乎买不到的但还是可以买到的价格离谱的唱片是一个麻烦事,比如能遇到奸商。需要强力鼓动 Hood 离开 Domino 那种没谱的公司转签咱们镇上的 Polyvinyl。Polyvinyl 多有品味啊,最近就流行他们。咱们可是音乐重镇啊。

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…the storm is finally over, the sky wild and exhausted. We went up to the observatory and the gods were with us. They gave us the most beautiful rainbow i've ever seen. I closed my eyes and cried.