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I Still Buy CDs (September, 2007)

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Artist Title Release Date Label UPC/EAN
Dakota Suite Signal Hill 10/31/2000 Badman Recording Co. 709363699127
Dakota Suite The River Only Brings Poison 02/18/2003 Planting Seeds Records 793447102627
Faith & Disease Beneath The Trees 09/26/2000 Projekt Records 617026010526
Idaho Levitate 10/02/2001 Idaho Music 751937171324
Willard Grant Conspiracy Regard the End 10/25/2005 Kimchee Records 723724640320
Damon & Naomi Within These Walls 09/25/2007 20/20/20 600197100622
Concrete Blonde Mojave 06/29/2004 Eleven Thirty 634457700123
Broken Social Scene Feel Good Lost 02/24/2004 Arts & Crafts 827590050020
The Remote Viewer Let Your Heart Draw A Line 05/25/2005 City Centre Offices 880918002422
Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out 02/22/2000 Matador Records 744861037125
Luna Rendezvous 10/26/2004 Jet Set Records 604978006929
Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd Mysterious Skin OST 05/24/2005 Commotion 186961000829
Slowdive Just For A Day (Bonus Tracks) 11/29/2005 Castle Music UK 5050749412447

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  1. 小鼓 L(ittle) D(rum) Says:

    唔~~~~YO LA TANGO,说不出的味道来, 还有其他……我下载一堆电子魔碟, Carl Craig,底特律之音

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