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I Still Buy CDs (March 2007)

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Artist Title Release Date Label UPC/EAN
The Verve A Storm In Heaven 06/15/1993 Virgin Records 077778795025
Slowdive Souvlaki 02/08/1994 Capitol 077778826323
Slowdive Just For A Day 01/14/1992 Capitol 077779807420
Dakota Suite Waiting for the Dawn to Crawl through And Take Away Your Life 02/02/2007 Glitterhouse 4030433765623
Wappenbund Zeitenwende (reissue) 11/30/2006 Greyland 9991206010195
Johnette Napolitano Sketchbook 12/22/2002 self released N/A

Johnette Napolitano那个是限量的homemade唱片,早已绝版,甚至无法在P2P社区中找到。但意外地听说在iTune上有数码版,自己还有一张gift card尚未用掉,就买了。

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  1. minhua old g Says:

    怎么回事?昨天的留言没贴上。我说要借The Verve来听,哈哈,另外就是赞赏同学对slowdive的执著!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    今天终于可以连上来了,想不到又令我流口水一番。。。。 -paranoid

  3. Says:




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